Advocacy Committee

The purpose of the Advocacy Group is to identify public policy issues and concerns affecting self-funded and partly self-funded Gold Coast retirees. It aims to prioritize these issues and concerns, identify those we should focus our attention and resources on, and develop action plans for addressing these issues, including recommending positions and initiatives the Association should adopt. Through its advocacy committee, Gold Coast Retirees Inc. aims to communicate our policies and agendas to members and the public and to develop and maintain strategies through which legislative and regulatory issues can be addressed in a timely and effective manner.

Current Issues:

A.L.P. policy announcement in March 2018 stating the party’s intention to remove cash refunds for dividend imputation credits on franked Australian share dividends.

Position Statement:   Gold Coast Retirees Inc. believes this policy is:  UNFAIR, DISCRIMINATORY AND UN-AUSTRALIAN.  Read more 

GCR Video – Noel Whittaker speaking on Labour’s Fallacies re Imputation.  Watch the video here.

GCR Video – Case Studies by Rob Grover re Imputation:  Watch the video  here .

GCR Submission to the House of Representatives’ Economic Committee Inquiring into the Implications of Removing Refundable Franking Credits.  Preview or download the Submission Document

Power Point Presentation from Professor Deborah Ralston on the ALP proposal to deny franking credit refunds on 16 Jan 2019.  2019-01-16 Prof Deborah Ralston presentation

Channel Ten report about our protest meeting.   You can watch the news report here:

House of Representatives Standing Committee on Economics Inquiry into the Implications of Removing Refundable Franking Credits held a public hearing on the Gold Coast on 31-1-2019.  Preview or download the report.