Advocacy Committee

The purpose of the Advocacy Group is to identify public policy issues and concerns affecting self-funded and partly self-funded Gold Coast retirees. It aims to prioritize these issues and concerns, identify those we should focus our attention and resources on, and develop action plans for addressing these issues, including recommending positions and initiatives the Association should adopt. Through its advocacy committee, Gold Coast Retirees Inc. aims to communicate our policies and agendas to members and the public and to develop and maintain strategies through which legislative and regulatory issues can be addressed in a timely and effective manner.

Advocacy Report for year ended July 2019

Arguably one of the most outstanding successes we’ve had this year has been the formation of our Advocacy Committee under the Chairmanship of Charles Dickson. It is no mean feat to have our Association as one of only two regional groups throughout Australia to be invited to join the Alliance for a Fairer Retirement. Read Charles report in detail about the Committee’s activities for the year here.

Voluntary Assisted Dying.

The Queensland State Government has announced that it will hold an Inquiry as to whether Voluntary Assisted Dying (Euthanasia) should be legalised in Queensland. Our Advocacy Committee has made a submission to the Inquiry on behalf of our members.
To increase the impact of our submission,  a generic submission was developed by the committee with personal case studies from individual members attached.

Franking Credits

You can find all the information on this Advocacy issue on the Advocacy Franking Credits menu item here.

Retirement Incomes Review Submission

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Bushfires Submission

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