President’s Report

PresidentHi everyone,

Well, we’re back into full swing for 2019 having held our first General Meeting for this year in February. And there’s lots happening.

Socially, we’ve got a few things on the go.

Kay Fomiatti is organising a Tweed River and Rainforest Cruise on 28th March – see the advertisement on the Social page.

And John Holmes has decided to reactivate our Restaurant Group where we have lunch together every couple of months at various local restaurants. This group was quite successful a few years ago with good food and good company, so it’ll be great to get it going again. Thanks John.


Some months ago members indicated that they thought we should take up Queensland Euthanasia Laws as one of our advocacy issues.  The state government has now announced that it will hold an Inquiry into Voluntary Assisted Dying (Euthanasia). Submissions will close on 15th April.

An email has already been sent to all members inviting them to provide their thoughts and personal case studies for us to include in our official submission to the Inquiry.

Find out more on this issue and how you can be involved on our Voluntary Assisted Dying page under advocacy.

Labor’s Imputation Policy

Our campaign against Labor’s imputation policy is certainly growing and I’ll leave it to Charles to report more fully in his Advocacy Report. But there are a couple of things I want to share with you.

Tim Wilson MP is the Chair of the House of Representatives’ Economics Committee’s Inquiry into Labor’s policy to remove refundable franking credits. He recently sent me an email part of which said:

The campaign to stop Labor’s retirement tax continues to grow. If you would like to lend a hand to keep up the pressure, you can:

  • Tell your friends who are in a similar situation about the Parliamentary Inquiry and ask them to make a submission at
  • Write a letter to the editor or an opinion piece for a local / national newspaper outlining how Labor’s tax grab will impact your financial security 
  • Call in to talk-back radio to tell your story 
  • Ask a family member to make a formal submission or talk to the media about how it will impact you
  • Send your contact details to if you are okay to be interviewed by a journalist 

Nothing is more powerful than a personal story. If you are prepared to be interviewed by the national media about Bill Shorten’s plan to take away your livelihood – please contact us and we can connect you.

If you are not comfortable talking to the media, that is perfectly fine – but the more this issue is discussed in the public sphere, the more pressure there will be on Labor to drop the policy.

At our last meeting members approved for Charles Dickson to attend a meeting with the Prime Minister and Federal Treasurer at Parliament House on 20th February. You can read the report on Charles’ trip to Canberra and the GCR Submission to The Alliance Forum on the Advocacy page.



And finally, I thought you’d be interested in this picture which Noel Whittaker included in the January edition of Noel News. I thought was worth sharing with you.

Again, just to be clear, I want to reiterate that Gold Coast Retirees is a non-political association. We don’t support or oppose any political party. What we do, is fight for or against issues that effect retirees. At present we’re strongly fighting against the impact of Labor’s Imputation Policy, not because it’s Labor, but because it will seriously detrimentally effect many of our members. And with the Federal election looming we will continue to provide members with information relevant to various party’s policy as they effect retirees.

Well, that’s all from me for this month.  Cheers for now.

Rob Grover