From the President

PresidentHi everyone,

I sense there is a positive shift in momentum over recent times for our Association. There seems to be more happening and a higher level of energy.

Prior to the federal election our Advocacy Committee had the single issue of franking credits to fight. It’s now simultaneously tackling several matters including the proposed currency restrictions, the proposed Inquiry into retirement incomes, the State Inquiry into Voluntary Assisted Dying and the funding available for palliative care on the Gold Coast. We are certainly lucky to have Charles Dickson, Jim Fountain and Helen Bell on such an active committee.

After Jim Fountain’s presentation about homelessness amongst Gold Coast seniors, members approved the establishment of a Community Support Committee to address the issue of homelessness among Gold Coast seniors with nine members volunteering to be on the committee. Jim’s report on the first meeting is later in this newsletter.

In August John Holmes organised another Restaurant Club luncheon at the Fish Emporium.

And on 23rd September we had our most successful social event ever (other than our Christmas Parties) with about 50 members attending the picnic at Paradise Point organised by Kay Fomiatti.

All of this is happening on top of our normal activities of two meetings per month and all the other tasks involved in running the association. It’s good to have such a vibrant and popular association.

Membership renewals for 2019-20 have now closed with 242 members renewing. What’s really interesting is that when we seceded from AIR we started Gold Coast Retirees with 112 members. Since then 119 new members have joined, which means we no have more “new” members than the “old” members who transitioned across. Many of these new members are putting their hands up for jobs and contributing to our growing success and I think this may be one of the major reasons for our positive shift in momentum.

Currency Restrictions
You will recall discussion initially raised by Janis Rossiter about the Government’s proposed legislation to restrict cash transactions to less than $10,000. Janis has provided me with an update in her email below:

Hi Rob,
The latest bulletin from the CEC (below) indicates The Currency (Restrictions on the Use of Cash) Bill 2019 is really raising some concerns; over 4,000 submissions received. The Govt has been forced to refer the bill to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee for an extended inquiry that is due to report by 7 February 2020; deadline for submissions is 15 November 2019.

If submissions were made previously to the Treasury, an updated version can be sent to Senate Economics Legislation Committee, to include any of the new information that has since come to light since the last submission.
Regards, Janis

Please also see the Advocacy Report for further information.

Services Register
You will recall that on our website we have a Services Register where members have provided details of various service providers (eg plumbers, electricians etc) whom they are happy to recommend. Bob Luther was the originator of this idea and he has agreed to re-open the register for members to provide additional recommendations. There will also be the opportunity for members to remove an existing referral from whom they may have had a poor experience.
Bob will be handing out referral forms at the October meetings which you can complete and place in the suggestion box on the front table. There’s also a copy at the end of this newsletter.

Audio Visual Equipment
Dennis Powell has been spending considerable time looking into how we can improve our audio/visual facilities. At this stage, what we are attempting is to find a bigger white screen to place at the front of the stage for our meetings. He is also looking into improving our microphones and speakers. Hopefully this will result in our presentations being easier to read and speakers being easier to hear. We’ll keep you up to date.

Well, that’s all from me for this month. Cheers for now.

Rob Grover

Gold Coast Retirees President.

Rob Grover