President’s Report

PresidentHi everyone,

We’ve got a couple of interesting months ahead of us in the political arena.

Normally the Federal Government hands down the Federal Budget in May. But with the Government facing an election in May it obviously wants to impress the voters with an attractive budget and to have sufficient time to extol its virtues before we vote.

So, on 2nd April the Federal Budget will be released. The Alliance, of which we are a member, has been invited to the “lock up” before the public release of the budget papers. With Labor proposing major changes to negative gearing, capital gains tax and franking credits it will be interesting to see what incentives the Government offers in the budget to try and salvage their election prospects.

Then of course we have the Federal Election in May. Retirees are likely to be significantly affected, whether Labor wins and introduces their policies, or if the LNP retains power and introduces their pre-election sweeteners. We’ll all be watching the result carefully.

Political Debate – or not

We want to have a political debate at our meeting in April and have invited representatives from the LNP and Labor and an Independent. Grant Abbott from the SMSF Party is confirmed. I have known Grant for many years and I can assure you of a riveting and entertaining presentation. Bert van Manen from the Libs gave us an early indication he would attend but we’re waiting final confirmation from his office. And we’ve invited two Labor candidates, one of whom declined and the other hasn’t yet responded. Regardless of who does and doesn’t attend I can guarantee it will be a very interesting meeting.

R.I.P Carol Chambers and David Price

Members have already been advised of the recent passing of Carol and David, but I just wanted to place on record our deep sadness on the loss of these two wonderful members.

Carol and David were both members of the Management Committee, they both made significant contributions as volunteers and were both active participants at our meetings.

We record our deep sadness at their passing and pass on our deepest sympathies to their families and friends.


Our advocacy efforts continue to grow. The Advocacy Committee is keeping up the pressure (in conjunction with the Alliance for a Fairer Retirement) on the issue of Labor’s policy on franking credits. In addition, we have finalised our submission to the State Government’s Inquiry into Voluntary Assisted Dying (Euthanasia). The Committee has asked me to pass on its thanks to the eleven members who also sent in their personal case studies to be added to the submission. I have to say, some of the members told absolutely harrowing stories of the end of life experiences of their friends or relatives. These should go a long way to convincing the State Government to introduce effective Voluntary Assisted Dying laws for Queensland.

You can read the Submission on Voluntary Assisted Dying here.

Tweed River Boat Cruise

By the time you read this newsletter our boat cruise will have been and gone. We’ll have a full report in the next newsletter. Our thanks again go to Kay Fomiatti for organising this and all our other social activities.

Restaurant Club

John Holmes has returned from his holiday and he is now ready to re-establish our Restaurant Club that we enjoyed a few years ago. John will be announcing details at the April meeting and I hope as many members as possible will be able to come along to our dining extravaganzas. If you enjoy good food, good company and interesting venues, then this is definitely for you.


Annual General Meeting

We will be holding our AGM in July where we have to elect a new Management Committee, new office bearers and volunteers. Please have a think as to whether you would be prepared to be a committee member. In next months newsletter we will include a nomination form if you do decide to help out.

Well, that’s all from me for this month.  Cheers for now.

Rob Grover